Rate this post Education and healthcare form the backbone of our societies, and in some cases can make or break a civilization. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have been playing catch up with the more developed world for decades, despite making notable strides in these areas. The GCC’s demographics have been signalling the dire […]

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Rate this post Which is the world’s oldest university? If you said Bologna or Oxford, you were on the money. But could you name the youngest? Now a new survey has ranked the world’s universities that are under 50 years old. Top of the Times Higher Education Young Universities 2022 rankings is Paris Sciences et Lettres […]

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Rate this post High rates of learning poverty in Western and Central Africa suggest that too many children are either not attending school or are not learning enough in school. The World Bank’s strategy for this region seeks to widen opportunities, improve teaching and learning and build job-relevant skills. Below is an exploration of how […]

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