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Most hair styling tools offer a one style and size fits all approach, Dyson wants to approach this differently, considering that everyone’s hair is unique. The idea is to help owners of all hair types access the right tool for themselves. And with that in mind, they introduce the new Dyson Airwrap multi-styler. This is Dyson’s first re-engineered tool with an enhanced Coanda effect. It’s a fully-customisable styling tool that’s completely redesigned by Dyson, and is made to be faster, without the need for extreme heat.

The entire set is upgraded from the original and best-selling Dyson Airwrap, and this begins with new attachment heads, including an all-new dual-purpose Coanda smoothing dryer. The head can be “twisted” two ways, to perform two different functions; one as a standard hair dryer to remove excessive water, and another as a “smoother” to smooth down hair and flyaways. The “dry mode” is a “high heat, high blow” mode; while the “smoothing mode” directs the air flow based on how you press it on the head. The hair goes through the attachment and doesn’t change or remove any “C-shape” created (if you’ve created one). This attachment is by far my favourite of the lot and really works; it blows hair dry and smooth, and actually does a really quick job of it.

Next, there’s a new directional change barrel that changes the direction of airflow without the need to remove and swop out barrels. Everyone who uses the barrels to curl hair will love and appreciate this new design; it’s convenient and intuitive to use — just twist the “cool tip” to change the direction of airflow.

You’ll love that most of these new attachments come equipped with this new “cool tip”, which is exactly what its name implies; it’s the tip at the head of the attachment that doesn’t feel hot to the touch after using it with the device. This means it’s safer and much more comfortable to handle.

There are also two flat brushes that are now less restrictive; they allow more air to flow through, so hair dries faster and the style is set more effectively. The brush is also quieter than its predecessor, and great for creating that “C-shape” style that’s popular with girls with long hair. When you start curling the hair, make sure the hair is 80% damp so the style created by the attachment really holds. And if you want to even undo your waves, you can use the included Round Brush.

If you have an existing Airwrap, you can just buy the new attachments to upgrade your kit.

Here’s a tip for preparing your hair to get styled: use a good shampoo to really clean the hair so you can get the volume and fullness you need. Then choose a conditioner that isn’t too rich so it won’t weigh the hair down. And just before styling hair, spritz on some water so the hair is damp; this will ensure the style you want is created and will hold. And like all nicely styled hair, finish it with hair spray so it’ll last.

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